Moon Sign Tips – Capricorn

Morning guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !🐐✨🔥

The moon is moving into Capricorn today adding Cardinal fuel to the fire. It’s almost a battle of Aries & Capricorn energies. One wants you to move & the other wants you to slow down first. So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♑️✨🔥

♦️SPELLS to try should be around SELF IMPROVEMENT, CAREER & MONEY! This is a great time to revisit those areas of your life that you always need to react to! They don’t call it SPRING CLEANING for no reason! Whether you’re planning a career change, want to stay a new project or you want to eat better & change your lifestyle a bit, this is the time to do it! Candle spells, herbal magic & yoga are great to work on at this time!🔥🌿🐐

♦️CHAKRAS to focus on are the ROOT & SACRAL chakras. Meditate in these areas. Make sure that you’re not repressing anything in these areas because it will affect your emotions & drive at this time! Cleanse your energy & readdress anything that comes up from the healing.🧘🏽‍♀️🔥✨

♦️HERB to work with is SAFFRON! This herb is ruled by the Sun & its element is fire! This is great for strength, happiness, divination, happiness, healing, love & lust! It helps improve sleep, treats inflammation & more! But my favorite reason (& it’s why it’s on this list) is that saffron relieves ANXIETY! Cardinal energy has a way to make everyone feel a little bit more anxious than usual. It’s supposed to feel like you’re chest is on fire & if you don’t have a lot of Cardinal energy in your chart you could been feeling it more intensely. Be aware of the energy & work your magic to benefit you!🌿✨🧘🏽‍♀️

Moon Sign Tips – Aquarius

Hey guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !🌬✨🌘

The moon is moving into Aquarius tonight! We’ll be feeling a bit detached until the emotions hits the fan for the New Moon in Pisces coming up! It’s definitely time for some prep work if you haven’t started already! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♒️✨💭

♠️FENG SHUI tip for the next two days is USE OF SPACE! I picked this one because it’s time for spring cleaning. Especially with the retrogrades happening this month. Aries season is approaching & we new to go in it with a clear head. Our space takes center focus for the next few days. This is important because as detached as Aquarius energy can be it needs to retreat into something. So it’s important for us to go back to our sacred spaces, rooms & areas of daily use to make sure that they’re cleansed. What is the intention you have for your space?📿✨🌫

♠️MEDITATION focus for the next two and a half days should be around the upper three chakras. Use incense to assist in your meditation & set the intention you desire from it before you light it. Air spells are really great for this time as well!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🔮

♠️HERB to use for the next few days is FENNEL! This is a great herb for healing, protection & purification! Use in spiritual baths, mojo bags or can be hung in the house. If you plan on cooking with it, it helps with digestion, regulates blood pressure & improves brain function, just to name a few! As I always say, eat with intention!🥗✨🙏🏽

Moon Sign Tips – Aquarius

Morning guys! Welcome to another edition of #moonsigntips !♒️✨🌬

Today the moon moves into Aquarius & the energy start to build the Aquarius Solar Eclipse! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:🌑✨♒️

+YOGA pose for the next two days is HALF LOTUS! I chose this pose because it is great for meditation & alignment! The energy is very airy today & will linger for a while. The Sun, Moon & Mercury are in Aquarius expanding our thoughts. Our subconscious mind will be more active during the next few days. There’s a need for stillness which is why I picked this pose. Meditate on what need focus in your life & listen for what messages come through!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌬

+HERB to work with for the next few days is CHICORY! It is ruled by the Sun & its element is air! Great for wishes, removing obstacles, opening doors & invisibility! I will be using this as a shield to make myself invisible from those who wish to harm me. So it works to protect as well if you use it right.🌿✨🌬

+CRYSTAL to work with for the next two days is ROSE QUARTZ! I picked this for us because while the energy will be a bit airy & detached, on a societal level the love vibes will be high especially with Venus in Pisces. Aquarius rules the disconnection between personal & social relationships. It’s about the grand picture, the end game & what’s best for us as a collective society. Love is always the answer so focus on healing! Heart chakra healing work is perfect for the next few days. Be gentle with yourself!💖✨🧘🏽‍♀️