Weekly Tarot Pull – November 20 – 27

For this week we’re coming out of Scorpio season (Death card) feeling a bit humbled by how much we had to shed. We kept moving forward and working on our light & shadow side even if it was a struggle to keep going on most days (10 of Wands). The emperor represents our ego and how we understand why we had to shed that part of us so we can start over (the Fool) with all that we’ve learned.


While we are ready to come out of Scorpio season and rush towards a new beginning but we need to take baby steps first. The 8 of Swords represents restriction, it could be mental, physical or spiritual. It’s like we just finished healing our wounds, are you ready to jump out and play the game again?


There’s a bigger focus on work & money this week as well so try to use that as a distraction to get things done.


Take time for yourself this week. We’re still healing in small ways. Sagittarius season will allow us more fun & pleasant times. Just take it easy.

Morning Magic Oats Spell



Oats have been used for money & prosperity spells for years! I always add extra spices for an added magical boost.


Here’s my recipe:

Salt: purification, protection & healing

Cinnamon: Success, power, healing, love & protection

Clove: Protection, love & money

Allspice: Money, luck & healing


In a small sauce pan add salt to 3/4 of a cup of water. Add your spices with intention. I always add more cinnamon and just a dash of clove because clove can be really strong palette wise but season based on your preference.


Add 1 cup of oats in and stir in the water without heat. Once mixed well, turn on the heat & mix the oats until the water starts evaporating. Once it looks like there’s not too much water left add a cup of soy milk. (You can add whichever milk you prefer. I like to keep mine more Vegan but it’s up to you.


Stir with intention for about a minute until the oats & soymilk are a bit thick. Pour in a bowl  and enjoy!

Weekly Tarot Pull – November 6 – November 12

Weekly tarot pull for this week! 🔮


This week is going to continue to push us to shed the last bits of baggage we’re still carrying around. We ultimately know what is good for us and what needs to go! That’s what the judgement card is saying! Move! You are completing a cycle!


I️ find it so interesting that the cards for both Scorpio & Sagittarius came up in this reading! This is all about the prep work! The death card & the page of wands both show a beginning of journey. For all that we have shed we are coming to a period of movement & opportunity! You will get a chance to pick a direction and start a new journey. Temperance says be gentle with yourself & give yourself time. ✨

Weekly Tarot Pull – October 30th – November 5th


Here the weekly reading for the next week!

The 2 of swords shows a period of stillness. This in combination with the 8of Pentacles means we haven’t moved in a situation, we are frozen in time in a situation we’ve worked for or we are waiting to see how something plays out from seeds that we’ve planted before!🌱

The chariot says “stay strong!” 💪🏽 things are moving, you just can’t see it yet. Keep your head up & be ready to move when you need to. Strength says “it isn’t easy to wait but patience & balance is key right now!” ⚖️

There are a lot of things manifesting for us that are running in the background, but just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Stay  strong!

Plant Energy


Plant’s are such a great resource for life & energy. They get their energy from the sun and its very important to note that while using plant magic or herb magic!


Today I wanted to talk about Plant energy and how to know if your plant is vibing with you.


It’s very important to pay attention to how the plant is behaving in the house. If you notice that plants die very quickly in your home, I would recommend cleansing your house with sage & palo santo periodically. Plant’s are very sensitive to energy and they thrive in welcomed spaces. All plants have their own vibration and its important to maintain that positive thriving energy in the area where its placed.


Also make sure that you’re not over watering the plant and give it enough sunlight to thrive and charge with the energy of the sun, if it needs the sun.


It’s a give & take. Plants naturally have a more grounding energy which works really well if you need more of that in your life. For example if you are a water sign having plants in your house would be great as it can help connect you to the earth. However, it is important to connect with the plants energy as it will pick up on yours as well.


Earth signs do really well with plant energy as it’s something very familiar to them. Fire signs & air signs usually have a harder time staying grounded so having a plant and trying to work with it’s energy would be benefitial.


I would recommend placing crystals either around your plant or in the pot, whether is for protection or to magnify and expand it’s natural vibration.

Weekly Tarot Pull – October 22th – October 29th



First things first, happy Scorpio season everyone! I hope it is a blessed one, especially since Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance is going to be in Scorpio until next year.


This weeks cards are THE STAR, 3 of PENTACLES & THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS. This week, focus on  how you can help yourself. If you set an intention this past New moon, how can you help yourself ease into what you want or need. How much work are you putting towards your goals? Are you just waiting for it to come to you or are you setting yourself up for success?


Take time this week to focus on what you can do to get yourself where you want or need to be. Work towards your goal no matter what they are knowing that doors are open for you. THE STAR says everything is part of a greater design. Don’t downplay what you’ve done in the past or any hard work you put in. Verbalize and speak clearly. THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS can be aggressive at time so watch your tone this week and how you convey what you’re passionate about.


Have a great week everyone!

Soul Food



I went to the Chinos today get some food and I asked for two fortune cookies. What I got in return was an empty plastic container attached to just one cookie. I laughed because this would happen to me. It was until it was pointed out by one of my friends that it’s a sign, this cookie was the only message I “needed” she said. I laughed when I opened it because she was right.

The moon is currently in Scorpio. Usually, I am known to run away from this energy, an energy which I’ve always known as my own. I have really heavy Scorpio placements and for some reason anytime the moon is in Scorpio, I feel the weight of my emotions as they are. My moon is naturally in Gemini so feeling the weight of anything isn’t normal. Air sign moons naturally intellectualize their own emotions. Everything has a definition and a explanation with air sign moons. This is why it’s feeling the weight of anything doesn’t make sense.

I’ve been trying to embrace it more as it often comes about during the year, but it hasn’t been easy. How to intellectualize a weight of emotions?

The answer is a balance between the mind & the soul.