Energy Cleansing Hair Oils


The intention behind these oils are very pure. The purpose of the oils is to create a spiritual cleansing in the shower after you have cleansed your body & your hair. As we walk through the earth we pick up different energies some linger longer than others. I decided to create Intention Oils specifically for the hair because your head holds your 3rd eye & your crown chakra. So cleansing those mental blockages, negative thoughts & energy during the day helps to open up your energy to abundance, clarity & peace.

Its really important to use your bath or shower experience to cleanse yourself spiritually. When we are open we allow better energies to come in.

The Energy Cleansing oils can also be used in a bath. The should be placed from the mid-hair to ends of your hair. As you rub in the oil set your intention for the day or your intention to last until the next time you wash your hair.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.