Moon Sign Tips – Capricorn

Morning guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !🐐✨🔥

The moon is moving into Capricorn today adding Cardinal fuel to the fire. It’s almost a battle of Aries & Capricorn energies. One wants you to move & the other wants you to slow down first. So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♑️✨🔥

♦️SPELLS to try should be around SELF IMPROVEMENT, CAREER & MONEY! This is a great time to revisit those areas of your life that you always need to react to! They don’t call it SPRING CLEANING for no reason! Whether you’re planning a career change, want to stay a new project or you want to eat better & change your lifestyle a bit, this is the time to do it! Candle spells, herbal magic & yoga are great to work on at this time!🔥🌿🐐

♦️CHAKRAS to focus on are the ROOT & SACRAL chakras. Meditate in these areas. Make sure that you’re not repressing anything in these areas because it will affect your emotions & drive at this time! Cleanse your energy & readdress anything that comes up from the healing.🧘🏽‍♀️🔥✨

♦️HERB to work with is SAFFRON! This herb is ruled by the Sun & its element is fire! This is great for strength, happiness, divination, happiness, healing, love & lust! It helps improve sleep, treats inflammation & more! But my favorite reason (& it’s why it’s on this list) is that saffron relieves ANXIETY! Cardinal energy has a way to make everyone feel a little bit more anxious than usual. It’s supposed to feel like you’re chest is on fire & if you don’t have a lot of Cardinal energy in your chart you could been feeling it more intensely. Be aware of the energy & work your magic to benefit you!🌿✨🧘🏽‍♀️


Moon Sign Tips – Gemini

Hey guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips!👯‍♀️🌿🌬

The moon moved into Gemini last night making these next few days a mental focus! With Mercury now in retrograde in the sign of Aries, it’s time to go back & address some things from the past. So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♊️✨🔥

♠️MEDITATE! Slow down how fast your mind is moving right now. Mercury in Aries & Moon in Gemini can have a million thoughts per minute! But it’s important to slow down just as Mercury did to check back into some unfinished business. This process can happen quickly. Mercury retrograde in Aries still moves to resolve issues really quickly. There’s a fire in our thoughts & an edge with our words. So it’s important to pull back & connect so we don’t make the wrong impulsive choices!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🔥

♠️HERB to work with is LEMONGRASS! I love working with Lemongrass for mental clarity & focus! Something we can use not to clear out the cobwebs!🌿✨🌬

♠️SPELL prep! Gemini moons are one of the best for researching, studying & creating new spells to be preformed at a later time. Use this time to focus on a single are of magic that you would like to try, for example: fire magic! Study it! Learn how it’s been used throughout the years & find new ways to incorporate it to your magic!🌬✨🔮

Moon Sign Tips – Taurus

Hey guys! Welcome to another edition of #moonsigntips !🐂✨🔥

Last night the moon moved into Taurus bringing some stability to our emotions! The Sun moved into Aries today, resetting the astrological year giving us a fresh start, focus & drive! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♉️✨🌿

♦️YOGA pose for the next two days is BALANCING STICK! I picked this pose because it’s a great way to challenge & ground yourself at the same time! Two things which we should be doing with the current astrological energies! It improves balance, circulation & tones the body!🧘🏽‍♀️✨⚖️

♦️HERB to work with is CINNAMON! This is such a multipurpose herb! Can be used for power, money, love, lust, protection, spirituality, incense, protection & healing! Use this to bring in positive & abundance vibes into your space! Can be added to spiritual tea baths under this Taurus moon!🌿✨☕️

♦️CRYSTAL to work with is GREEN AVENTURINE! This is great for success, luck abundance! It works with the heart chakra & its a great stone for growth! Meditate with it & focus on affirmations! Let’s start the new Astro year right!🌿✨🔮

Moon Sign Tips – Aries

Hey guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !🔥✨🌿

The moon is moving into Aries today so get ready for the fire!!! Mars also moves into Capricorn today making this for a very heavy CARDINAL energy! If you have anxiety, be gentle with yourself because this energy isn’t going away for a while! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♈️✨🌹

♣️YOGA pose for the next few days is DANCERS POSE! I chose this pose because it’s challenging, requires determination, strength & flexibility! Moving into Aries season with purpose is the name of the game. We’re coming to the very end of Pisces season so any intentions you can to set for Aries season should be done now. Challenge yourself to be whatever you see yourself as! The planetary energies support it. Especially now that Mars is in Capricorn! It’s time to get to work on what we’re passionate about!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🔥

♣️HERB to work with for the next few days is CHILI PEPPERS! Let’s start off Aries season right by breaking any hexes, bad juju & stagnant energy with some chili peppers! Ruled by Mars, element fire, can be used for hex breaking, fidelity & love spells if you want to spice it up!🌶✨🕯

♣️SPELLS to try at this time are FIRE & EARTH spells! The chart is looking great for short term & long term manifestations! I recommend everyone to fix a candle for themselves especially as Mercury will be retrograde in Aries next week! Check all your foundations & make sure you’re ready to work your magic for the next few weeks!🔮✨🔥

Sensual Selfie Challenge – Day 2

“I deserve to take the time and the space to love, affirm, explore, and worship my body.”✨

Today is the second day of the #sensualselfiechallege with Ev’yan Whitney💖

♥️If you had the time, what kind of space would you give yourself? What would you do with that space and time?

+I would give myself the space to be naked all the time. I love to let my body breathe. I would love to be in an empty beach, naked on the sand letting the waves crash into me!🌊✨

♥️Where might you need to bring more acceptance to yourself and body today?

+Time! Society doesn’t give us time to value ourselves. Everything seems to be structured towards money which makes us put a value on everything…even things that shouldn’t matter! Self love is important!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌹

Moon Sign Tips – Pisces

Morning guys! Welcome to another edition of #moonsigntips !🐟✨🔥

The moon moved into Pisces this morning adding some dreaminess to the next few days. As we get closer to the Pisces New Moon, we are reminded of our goals, dreams & everything we fantasize about with the rest of the planets taking notes with all the fire placements in the chart. It’s a great time of healing & manifestation! Start outlining your intentions for the New Moon! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♓️✨🌊

♥️FENG SHUI tip of he day is to CONNECT TO CREATIVITY! This is perfect for this Pisces moon because it allows an outlet for your thoughts, dreams & goals! Make a vision board, draw your muse or write a poem! Take some time to connect with your mind. Loose yourself in the details of what you’re working on! Merging passion with following your dreams, even in a small way, can help you flow with this fire water energy currently in the cosmos!🌬✨🌊

♥️CRYSTAL to work with is LAPIS LAZULI! I’ve picked this a few times this season because of how well it works with Pisces energy! It’s one of Pisces birth stones & its great for creativity, communication, truth & intuition! Great crystal to meditate with to connect & work with the upper 3 chakras!🔮✨🧘🏽‍♀️

♥️HERB to work with is ROSE! This is a great herb to work with to merge that passionate emotional energy! Great for love, protection, healing, luck & divination spells! I love adding roses to almost anything! It’s a really versatile herb! Adding it to TEA is also a bonus tip! Make yourself a love potion!🌹✨🔥

Moon Sign Tips – Aquarius

Hey guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !🌬✨🌘

The moon is moving into Aquarius tonight! We’ll be feeling a bit detached until the emotions hits the fan for the New Moon in Pisces coming up! It’s definitely time for some prep work if you haven’t started already! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♒️✨💭

♠️FENG SHUI tip for the next two days is USE OF SPACE! I picked this one because it’s time for spring cleaning. Especially with the retrogrades happening this month. Aries season is approaching & we new to go in it with a clear head. Our space takes center focus for the next few days. This is important because as detached as Aquarius energy can be it needs to retreat into something. So it’s important for us to go back to our sacred spaces, rooms & areas of daily use to make sure that they’re cleansed. What is the intention you have for your space?📿✨🌫

♠️MEDITATION focus for the next two and a half days should be around the upper three chakras. Use incense to assist in your meditation & set the intention you desire from it before you light it. Air spells are really great for this time as well!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🔮

♠️HERB to use for the next few days is FENNEL! This is a great herb for healing, protection & purification! Use in spiritual baths, mojo bags or can be hung in the house. If you plan on cooking with it, it helps with digestion, regulates blood pressure & improves brain function, just to name a few! As I always say, eat with intention!🥗✨🙏🏽