Sensual Selfie Challenge – Day 5

“When I am soft, I am strong. When I am connected to my senses, my body, my breath, my sexuality, I am powerful.

When I let my sensual light shine and be visible, I become a beacon of healing and representation for others. I give them permission to access the soft, bold, vulnerable, unashamed parts of themselves.

I will be proud of my body as it is. I will find joy in my reflection. I will luxuriate in this skin I am in.

I will continue to take up space and challenge notions of modesty, respectability, femininity, worthiness, and beauty with my presence.

I will keep nurturing and deepening this relationship I’ve created with my sensuality because I know that when I give space for my softness, I empower and I heal.”✨

Day 5 of the #sensualselfiechallenge with Ev’yan Whitney 💖


Sensual Selfie Challenge – Day 4

“Today I Proclaim,

That the space my shadow accounts for, is a part of the space I occupy.

I will honor me in the dark.

I will honor me in the light.

And by honor, i mean asé with the universe that you are h e r e.”✨

Day 4 of the #sensualselfiechallenge with Ev’yan Whitney 💖

Sensual Selfie Challenge – Day 3

“My body is mine to explore. To enjoy.

I get to choose what I do and how I play.

Because this beautiful pleasure is mine.

However I choose, I am worthy of respect. And of love.

Because this sexuality is mine. And I am my own cause for celebration!”

Day 3 of the #sensualselfiechallenge with Ev’yan Whitney!💖

Sensual Selfie Challenge – Day 1

“I can be sensual, be seen, and be safe.”✨

Today is the first day of the #sensualselfiechallenge with Ev’tan Whitney!💖

♥️What parts of your life, and body, are you hiding?

+My whole body. For one thing it is winter time in NYC so it’s still pretty cold but generally speaking I’m very adventurous when it comes to my style. However, I understand that wearing whatever I want can be dangerous. Having to carry that truth around all the time sucks. I wish I could just do what I want. I’m not hurting anyone, I just want to wear what I want. That makes me hold back my own sexual style. Shit if I could just be naked all the time I would.☝🏽✨

♥️What would happen if you shared those parts of you with the world?

I don’t know, for be most part I do what I want but there’s always that possibility of getting assaulted by someone. Being sensual shouldn’t be taken as whoreish or slutty. Im not asking you to follow me down the street or ask me out! I’m completely comfortable wearing lingerie, being naked & expressing that. If I want you I’ll let you know. My body is my temple, my temple is invitation only.✋🏽✨

Always Protect Your Energy

I’m really happy how well this protection candle worked. Magic doesn’t have to be about harming others. But when you know someone is trying to pull you or attach themselves to you with their personal drama, it’s important to protect yourself!🙅🏽‍♀️✨🌬

If you allow negative people & energy vampires into your space without protecting yourself, you lower your own vibration.✨🥀🗝

It takes a lot of work to elevate yourself, heal & grow into your power. So allowing these type of people to roam free & affect you directly shouldn’t be an option. Take good care of your energy. Take the steps to protect yourself. Learn how in different ways & apply it to your daily life.📖✨🌬







Always workyour magic!🔮✨🌿

Sage Your Space

When I came home last night, I had to completely sage my entire apartment. Yesterday was so energetically challenging because other people kept trying to come into my space with their own negativity. I had to take a step back & analyze what was right for me in the moment. I felt so disconnected from what was going on. I could see the truth of it all unfolding before me. My intuition was screaming out & I listened.🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌬

I took a step back & distanced myself from these people. I put my intention out there so if these people with these energies try to come back, they already know where I stand.🙅🏽‍♀️🔥

Mercury retrograde is going to be a ride this year. All of them will be in fire signs. People will be acting from a place of passion, emotions, fire not just thoughts. Words will pack a punch. These energies from other people that have been building inside them from their lack of responsibility & healing will be so strong. To those that have been doing the work, it will be obvious. Stay focused! Follow your intuition & stay strong!🔥✨💪🏽

The Heart Wand – Chakrubs

Taking care of my body physically & spiritually creates a peaceful balance. There’s a state of bliss when you allow yourself to heal while you love yourself. Key phase here is “love yourself”…you’ve seen for yourself how much power love can be when you give it & have it for others. But giving yourself love is just as, if not more powerful of an act. ✨👸🏽🌊

I love to use my @chakrubs heart wand to meditate, align my chakras & cleanse my energy. So much energy gets stored in the lower 3 chakras. It creates an imbalance of the self & spirit. Just like you clean your external self you must cleanse your internal self. It feels good because it’s a release of energy. There’s so much power in an orgasm. It’s inner magic, a spell you learn how to get just right overtime.✨🌊🧘🏽‍♀️

Goodnight loves! Sleep tight✨💤🌙