In short, Philly

So I recently went to Philladelphia for 2 days with my sister. I really just needed to get out of Gotham for a bit. So I took a trip with my sister and it was a lot of fun.

With that said, let’s begin:

 I love how easy it is to just walk from place to place. It wasn’t that cold so it was really nice.

 So of course we HAD to visit the Eastern State Penitentiary, my sister and I love ghost stuff so we had to go and investigate and we left with loves of creepy moments and weird experiences.

So afterwards we went to a British restaurant called The Dandelion which was just amazing!

Also keeping up with the tradition I got an Agate pendulum in philly and I also got an amber poison ring which I LOVE! And also picked up another bloodstone because there can’t ever be too many!

So I found this really nerdy cafe called Happily Ever After and they had Butterbeer! I almost lost my mind! Also their eggs Benedict on a Belgian waffle was delicious!


We also went to the Franklyn institute of science which was a lot of fun because it was really interactive! If was fun going through the brain and heart exhibit!

And so ends another adventure, I have to come back! It’s only 2 hours away from NYC so it’s not even a long commute.



From Toronto with Love

So I’ve kept traveling a lot these past few months and I know this is a bit late but I’ve been slacking to share. I took a trip up to Toronto in October to explore and see my love Taylor Swift.

As always let the adventure begin;

I make it my mission to walk around as much as I can because you never know what you could find!


  Cats always checking up on me.

Had to keep up the tradition of collecting a pendulum on each of my travels. Lovely carnelian stood out to me in the shop. Also with every purchase they gave a tarot card and since it was my first day exploring j thought this was a funny card to get, cat and all.


And that was the first day. 



  Breakfast; I really got addicted to peppermint tea while in Toronto. 





Loads of vegetarian restaurants, this was in Vegeterian Haven if I’m not mistaken, so delicious. Seriously Toronto has really great food!

So cute! At Wandas pie in the sky! So good!

  This shop was supper creepy but cool shots all day! 
Ok so brace yourselves, Harry Potter nerd alert! I heard about the Harry Potter bar “The Lockhart” in Toronto so I obviously had to go…..twice! This was before the Taylor concert;


This was sooooooooooooooooooo gooodddddddd! My goodness! The drinks are amazing! Totally recomend if your going to Toronto! The owner is really nice as well.

I will say I preferred the Boston one a bit just because they extended the set list to that one but I still had a great night!

So for my last day I went back to The Lockhart for brunch and then I went to High Park!

View from my hostel, Planet Traveler. 

Peppermint tea 🙂    
I can’t wait to come back this year hopefully in the summer because this park was way too much fun!

Hunted down a French restaurant for some creme brûlée 🙂

Lil something before getting on the bus back to Gotham.


I died laughing!


It’s been fun Toronto! Till next time!