My name is Abbey. I created GypsyOre because I wanted to build a place for myself and others to share our love and knowledge for our passion, whatever that might be. This is a place to grow, learn & share knowledge. I have a vision of GypsyOre becoming a place of reference for those who need help & guidance in whatever it is they seek to do. My hope is to bring content to help us through our spiritual journey. The name GypsyOre came from the love of my roots. I wanted a name that would translate to “the traveller who explored to find something valuable.” La Gitana (Gypsy in Spanish) is very deeply rooted in Caribbean culture. Women are known to be powerful. Using & connecting to our divine feminine is our birth right. As GypsyOre grows, I hope you grow as well. My intention is to create a strong, empowered & intuitive community of powerful women & men as we all go through our own journeys.


I was born in the Dominican Republic. My family was half Christian & half Catholic. I spent most of my early life living with my grandmother in the Dominican Republic, who taught me about herbs, nature & healing. This is where my love for root work steams from. I’ve been practicing hoodoo, traditional witchcraft, astrology & tarot for over 14 years. I think the majority of my life I was doing spells without even calling them that. To me magic is not just about manifesting what you want but about healing & connecting. I work a lot with my intuition, ancestors & guides as well as elder knowledge that has been past down through the ages.


I am a part of the Pluto in Scorpio generation.


We are here to restructure the foundations that need transformation from the past generations.


Our calling is to heal & unmask the truth that has been hiding underneath the surface. We are a generation of change, growth & spirituality. I hope that GypsyOre becomes a resource in your spiritual journey.






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