Sensual Selfie Challenge – Day 5

“When I am soft, I am strong. When I am connected to my senses, my body, my breath, my sexuality, I am powerful.

When I let my sensual light shine and be visible, I become a beacon of healing and representation for others. I give them permission to access the soft, bold, vulnerable, unashamed parts of themselves.

I will be proud of my body as it is. I will find joy in my reflection. I will luxuriate in this skin I am in.

I will continue to take up space and challenge notions of modesty, respectability, femininity, worthiness, and beauty with my presence.

I will keep nurturing and deepening this relationship I’ve created with my sensuality because I know that when I give space for my softness, I empower and I heal.”✨

Day 5 of the #sensualselfiechallenge with Ev’yan Whitney 💖


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