Moon Sign Tips – Aries

Hey guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !🔥✨🌿

The moon is moving into Aries today so get ready for the fire!!! Mars also moves into Capricorn today making this for a very heavy CARDINAL energy! If you have anxiety, be gentle with yourself because this energy isn’t going away for a while! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♈️✨🌹

♣️YOGA pose for the next few days is DANCERS POSE! I chose this pose because it’s challenging, requires determination, strength & flexibility! Moving into Aries season with purpose is the name of the game. We’re coming to the very end of Pisces season so any intentions you can to set for Aries season should be done now. Challenge yourself to be whatever you see yourself as! The planetary energies support it. Especially now that Mars is in Capricorn! It’s time to get to work on what we’re passionate about!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🔥

♣️HERB to work with for the next few days is CHILI PEPPERS! Let’s start off Aries season right by breaking any hexes, bad juju & stagnant energy with some chili peppers! Ruled by Mars, element fire, can be used for hex breaking, fidelity & love spells if you want to spice it up!🌶✨🕯

♣️SPELLS to try at this time are FIRE & EARTH spells! The chart is looking great for short term & long term manifestations! I recommend everyone to fix a candle for themselves especially as Mercury will be retrograde in Aries next week! Check all your foundations & make sure you’re ready to work your magic for the next few weeks!🔮✨🔥


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