Moon Sign Tips – Pisces

Morning guys! Welcome to another edition of #moonsigntips !🐟✨🔥

The moon moved into Pisces this morning adding some dreaminess to the next few days. As we get closer to the Pisces New Moon, we are reminded of our goals, dreams & everything we fantasize about with the rest of the planets taking notes with all the fire placements in the chart. It’s a great time of healing & manifestation! Start outlining your intentions for the New Moon! So here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♓️✨🌊

♥️FENG SHUI tip of he day is to CONNECT TO CREATIVITY! This is perfect for this Pisces moon because it allows an outlet for your thoughts, dreams & goals! Make a vision board, draw your muse or write a poem! Take some time to connect with your mind. Loose yourself in the details of what you’re working on! Merging passion with following your dreams, even in a small way, can help you flow with this fire water energy currently in the cosmos!🌬✨🌊

♥️CRYSTAL to work with is LAPIS LAZULI! I’ve picked this a few times this season because of how well it works with Pisces energy! It’s one of Pisces birth stones & its great for creativity, communication, truth & intuition! Great crystal to meditate with to connect & work with the upper 3 chakras!🔮✨🧘🏽‍♀️

♥️HERB to work with is ROSE! This is a great herb to work with to merge that passionate emotional energy! Great for love, protection, healing, luck & divination spells! I love adding roses to almost anything! It’s a really versatile herb! Adding it to TEA is also a bonus tip! Make yourself a love potion!🌹✨🔥


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