Sensual Selfie Challenge – Day 1

“I can be sensual, be seen, and be safe.”✨

Today is the first day of the #sensualselfiechallenge with Ev’tan Whitney!💖

♥️What parts of your life, and body, are you hiding?

+My whole body. For one thing it is winter time in NYC so it’s still pretty cold but generally speaking I’m very adventurous when it comes to my style. However, I understand that wearing whatever I want can be dangerous. Having to carry that truth around all the time sucks. I wish I could just do what I want. I’m not hurting anyone, I just want to wear what I want. That makes me hold back my own sexual style. Shit if I could just be naked all the time I would.☝🏽✨

♥️What would happen if you shared those parts of you with the world?

I don’t know, for be most part I do what I want but there’s always that possibility of getting assaulted by someone. Being sensual shouldn’t be taken as whoreish or slutty. Im not asking you to follow me down the street or ask me out! I’m completely comfortable wearing lingerie, being naked & expressing that. If I want you I’ll let you know. My body is my temple, my temple is invitation only.✋🏽✨


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