Moon Sign Tips – Gemini

Morning guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !🌬✨🙏🏽

Tonight the moon is moving into Gemini! The Moon will also be squaring the Sun & Mercury, making it a battle of the mind & spirit. Our imagination will be working overtime to make sense of our thoughts & any illusions that will be affecting us at this time.♊️✨🌊

+MEDITATE! I specifically use Gemini moons to work on the Throat Chakra. But since we are in Pisces season, it’s a great opportunity to work on the upper three Chakras. It’s also a great time to connect the mind & the body. We have been focusing on grounding with the Root Chakra work. So take this time to balance yourself out.🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌬

+CRYSTAL to work with is LAPIS LAZULI! This is the birth stone of Pisces. Stone if intuition, communication & absolute truth! It’s great to work with the Throat & 3rd Eye Chakras! I wear Lapis anytime I know I’m going into an interview, date or even arguments. Lapis cuts through the bullshit & helps you connect to your higher truth & higher self.🔮✨🙏🏽

+HERB to work with is PEPPERMINT! Ruled by Mercury, Peppermint is used for Mental powers, healing, love, purification & sleep! I mix this with Sage & Thyme for a powerful TEA! As always, drink with intention!🌿✨🗝

+BONUS TIP! Don’t forget to prep your spells during Gemini moons! Your mind will be clear & you’ll be about to have a clear vision on the ritual or spell you’ll be doing later!🗝✨🕯

Book – Yoga 2 By Olivia H. Miller📖✨


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