Moon Sign Tips – Aries

Morning guys! Welcome again to another editon of #moonsigntips !🐠🌿🌊

The moon moved into Aries this morning & will be there for the next two days. Even if the moon is in firey Aries there’s going to be a lot of planets in Pisces for the next two days as the Sun moves in to Pisces.♓️✨🌑

+YOGA pose for the next two days is KNEELING LUNGE WITH TWIST! Feel free to take any variation of this pose that you feel most comfortable. I chose this pose because it is challenging if you lift the back knee and engage your whole body. You guys know Aries energy loves challenges. For the next two days the challenge will be staying grounded while pausing to reflect on the signs that we’re going to be receiving for the rest of Pisces season! Breathe into your body as you twist deeper and maintain that foundation on your legs!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🔥

+SPELLS to do are FIRE spells! Whether you want to do some fast manifestations or focus on long term goals, Aries energy is great to work with especially with Pisces energy! This combination is super powerful to manifest our goals right now!🔥✨🌑

+HERB to work with for the next few weeks days is HYSSOP! You can also use this as a tea! Great for protection & purification spells! As a tea, it helps with sore throats, lowers blood pressure, helps with cholesterol, period pain & more! Super herb for sure!🌿✨🍵


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