Pisces Season Intuitive Message

Pisces season is almost here. I’m preparing myself to focus on more ancestor work. The energy will be highly intuitive & if you don’t know how to surf those waves you’ll get caught up in them. Every moon shift during Pisces season will be intensified. There’s a risk of getting lost in the messages flowing in. There will be tests. Illusions will be high as well & there’s a risk of compromising rather than seeing things for how they actually are.🧘🏽‍♀️✨🗝

During Pisces season, it is important to stay grounded but to also work with the energy. This season will be a great time to connect, meditate & grow spiritually.🌙🌿♓️

Focus on:🙏🏽✨

+Higher Knowledge🌿


+Water Spells🌊

+3rd Eye Chakra👁

+Manifesting Dreams😴

+Dream Interpretations💤

+Crystal Healing🔮


+Spiritual Baths🛀🏽

+Healing Inner Child Trauma👧🏽

You will feel more sensitive so address the most sensitive parts of you. As always, be gentle with yourself.💖🕯🌊


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