Sage Your Space

When I came home last night, I had to completely sage my entire apartment. Yesterday was so energetically challenging because other people kept trying to come into my space with their own negativity. I had to take a step back & analyze what was right for me in the moment. I felt so disconnected from what was going on. I could see the truth of it all unfolding before me. My intuition was screaming out & I listened.🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌬

I took a step back & distanced myself from these people. I put my intention out there so if these people with these energies try to come back, they already know where I stand.🙅🏽‍♀️🔥

Mercury retrograde is going to be a ride this year. All of them will be in fire signs. People will be acting from a place of passion, emotions, fire not just thoughts. Words will pack a punch. These energies from other people that have been building inside them from their lack of responsibility & healing will be so strong. To those that have been doing the work, it will be obvious. Stay focused! Follow your intuition & stay strong!🔥✨💪🏽


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