Moon Sign Tips – Scorpio

Hey guys! Welcome again to another edition of #moonsigntips !♏️🔥🌺

Today the moon was mostly in Libra but it is moving into Scorpio later tonight. So with that being said, here are some tips based on the current astrological placements:🦂✨♏️

+YOGA pose for the next to days is Corpse! I picked this pose because Scorpio rules sex, magic & DEATH! It’s a great pose to reflect, relax & connect to your body. The moon is going to be squaring Mercury tomorrow but also dancing with Neptune, so our minds & emotions will be a big focus. We need to make sure we’re balancing out the two even if some drama comes up. Meditate in this pose. Focus on your relationship with your heart & mind! Scorpio energy challenges us to go deeper, so go with the flow of the water before you drown.💀✨🦂

+FOCUS on sexual healing! Scorpio moons are the best for healing past sexual traumas because the energy will uncover any blockages within yourself. Scorpios are all about the truth no matter how dark & painful that truth is. Take some time to be at one with yourself!💖🌊🔥

✨Use extra virgin olive oil.🍾

✨Touch yourself, slowly.💆🏽‍♀️

✨Crystal wand is recommended(optional).🔮

Notice where there is tension in your body. Explore areas that you might not like to be touched & find out why you don’t like it. Keep your mind still, don’t put on porn, if you would like to, fantasize about how you would like to be touched. The Neptune influence will be strong tomorrow so pay attention to how your body reacts to different things. I would recommend using a @chakrubs for this practice as it will help address those blockages!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🦂

+TEA to drink is Hibiscus!!! Scorpio moons are great for preparing major spell work but not initiating them! So I love to focus on what could be considered minor spells, even though the intention still packs a punch! I love potions & if you haven’t figured out that teas ARE potions then now you know! Hibiscus is great for love, lust & divination spells. Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…as I always say, drink with intention!😉✨🌺

Book: Essential Yoga – Olivia Miller


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