Sexual Energy Check In

Sexual Energy Check In:🌊🔥🌬

Theres a lot of mental contemplation of past/current relationships & emotional drama today. The 5 of Cups is asking you why you’re drowning yourself when you don’t need to be? Why are you letting others drown you when you have the power over your own mind! The 5 of Swords is reminding you that these emotional cups that were holding on to are not serving us. They are mentally & emotionally drowning us for the day. Even if we replay the situation over & over in our minds it won’t change that it happened. The Hope card is telling you to not be delusional. You are blindly holding on to hope while you drown. Sometimes we need to accept the reality of situations. If you’re gonna analyze it, see it from a friends perspective. If they where presenting the situation to you what advice would you give them? It’s time to take our own advice. Sexual frustration can come from mental & emotional frustration today. Self love is everything! Don’t wait for other to give you what you so openly give them!✨🧘🏽‍♀️🔥


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