Moon Sign Tips – Leo

Morning guys! Welcome again to #moonsigntips !🌙♌️🌿

The moon is moving from Cancer to Leo today so here are some tips based on the current astrological placements:♌️✨🦁

+Yoga pose of the day is Hero pose! I chose this pose because it stretches the spine, it’s very calming & as a double bonus meditate in this pose! I HIGHLY recommend taking some time to meditate on this Leo energy so you get centered for this Lunar Eclipse in Leo! There’s a lot of internal healing that’s gonna be happening within the next two days so it’s important to check yourself & your foundations at this time. As you press your palms on the bottom on your feet in this pose breathe into it & take a moment to appreciate your foundations on a physical & spiritual level!🧘🏽‍♀️✨🌿

+Crystal to work with us Selenite!!! I picked this one because it’s a great healing crystal, helps clear up stagnant energy & balance out the chakras!🔮✨🕯

+Spells to try under the Leo moon are love & money spells!!! Heal yourself then open up to abundance!💕✨💸


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