Sacral Chakra Healing

How do you work with your own sexual energy?✨❤️🌊

Do you suppress it? Even though you know it’s there…even if you feel the tension. It’s important to keep the Sacral chakra clear & cleansed of all the damaging emotions we bury there. Self love is never about others perspective, it’s about being gentle with yourself & giving yourself what you need in that moment.🔥✨🧘🏽‍♀️

Working with my Sacral chakra is a huge part of my spiritual practice because I am fully aware of the healing that comes from keeping it cleansed. You can sage your yoni if you want. Make a weekly yoni ritual for yourself. Find what type of cleansing technique works for you.🌫✨🔥

I personally love working with my @chakrubs , I love working with Garnet as well it’s a great Crystal for sexual energy! Hibiscus is one of my favorite herbs to work with for sexual magic! Fine what works for you & apply it to your weekly or daily spiritual practice. I’ll be adding more sexual healing tips in the #moonsigntips series so be on the look out for that.🌙🌿🌷


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