Moon Sign Tips – Gemini

Morning guys! Welcome again to #moonsigntips !🔥✨🌬

The moon will be moving from Taurus to Gemini! Opening us up to a very intellectual & fun weekend! Here are some tips according to the current astrological placements:♊️✨🌬

+PREP, PREP & PREP!!! The reason why there’s no yoga pose for today’s moon is because we need to focus on the mind & the journey! Mars moves into Sagittarius today & with the moon moving into Gemini this is all about the prep work! This is a great time to set yourself up for any future plans, vacations, retreats, trips & experiences that you would like to take! I am currently preparing myself for the mercury retrogrades that will be happening all in FIRE signs this year! Definitely pick up a book, prep some spells, apply for new jobs or if you’ve been thinking about going back to school this is a great time to apply!🔥✨🌬

+Tea for the next two days is Lavender! Set the intention for happiness, protection & a peaceful mind!🌬✨🍵

+MEDITATE! Focus on your mind! Pick up a new tarot deck & learn it! This is a great time to put your mind to work but also put it at ease! Elevate your mind, find peace & clear out the mental cobwebs!✨🧘🏽‍♀️🌬


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