Moon Sign Tips – Aries

Morning guys! Welcome to #moonsigntips 🌙

Currently the moon is in Aries♈️ so here are some tips to work with the current astrological placements:

+The yoga pose for the next two days is Eagle pose🦅 I chose this pose because Aries tends to come in an shake things up with the other planets. The moon is currently squaring Saturn which can make for sudden changes & karma realizations. During this time it’s important to feel supported & balanced which is why I picked Eagle pose! This pose can be challenging because it test your balancing skills but Aries is all about the challenge! Take it on!✨♈️🧘🏽‍♀️

+Work with Carnelian!!! Carnelian is a great Crystal for healing repressed sexual energy. Helps to motivate & inspire us to endure on our path. It helps attract prosperity & keeps you ambition focused!✨🔮🔥

+Herb to work with Spearmint! I am drinking a cup as I write this. It’s a great winter herb! Ruled by Venus, it’s used for mental powers, clarity, love & healing! I picked this herb because we ALWAYS need healing, mentally, spiritually & physically! We need to incorporate healing every day into our practice. I love spearmint for this because helps clear the fog. Like I always say, drink with intention!🌿✨🍵

Book – Essential Yoga by Olivia H Miller


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