The Heart Wand – Chakrubs

Taking care of my body physically & spiritually creates a peaceful balance. There’s a state of bliss when you allow yourself to heal while you love yourself. Key phase here is “love yourself”…you’ve seen for yourself how much power love can be when you give it & have it for others. But giving yourself love is just as, if not more powerful of an act. ✨👸🏽🌊

I love to use my @chakrubs heart wand to meditate, align my chakras & cleanse my energy. So much energy gets stored in the lower 3 chakras. It creates an imbalance of the self & spirit. Just like you clean your external self you must cleanse your internal self. It feels good because it’s a release of energy. There’s so much power in an orgasm. It’s inner magic, a spell you learn how to get just right overtime.✨🌊🧘🏽‍♀️

Goodnight loves! Sleep tight✨💤🌙


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