Capricorn Season Vibes

Capricorn season has been real! I can’t believe the amount of things that I’ve had to process in the past few weeks. I feel like I sailed through all the difficult parts with the help of my Capricorn stellium, but I’m sure it’s been a very anxious & emotional time for others. The universe forced us to get grounded on a cardinal level which can make things seem more urgent.💃🏽✨🌑

The good thing is that if you’ve been trying to work with this heavy earth energy than you’ve learned a lesson or two. You’ve learn how to value your time & who to give your time to. But sometimes it’s a lot easier said than done. Take your time. Earth moves slowly. Meditate on your actions & try to center yourself.✨🧘🏽‍♀️🌿

It’s your time, spend it well.🧐•


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