Capricorn Season Recap

I’ve been saying this since I was a little girl. I was too young to understand at the time why I valued time so much. As I got older & discovered that Saturn, aka Father Time, ruled over Capricorn I realized that it’s in my nature to value time. Because I am also time so why would I waste me?🤨✨👸🏽

As we near the end of Capricorn season let’s just reevaluate a bit:

+What have you learned?🤔

+Is that a lesson you wish to learn again?🤨

+Do you value yourself?🧐

+Do others value your time?👸🏽

+Is what you put your time to worthy of it?🌿

Make sure you move forward from Capricorn season feeling stronger & more assured about how to move forward in your life. Remember, Capricorn season is about the prep work & then reaping the benefits.✨🌿🙏🏽


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