Mercury in Capricorn Vibes

Mercury in Capricorn Vibes – 🌬✨🗡

Today we’re put in a position of moving forward with something that we’ve been thinking about for a while. The Four of Cups in reverse asks you to move with the flow of your emotions. This is not a time to be stagnant, it is important to say how you feel. Repressed emotions will coming into play. Any thoughts & feelings you’ve been having, Mercury in Capricorn will force you to evaluate but also to move to fix it so we can see movement happening. The 3 of Pentacles says to create a plan or an idea of how you would like to move forward. Focus on how things are serving you, your growth, your emotions & your energy. You might feel a bit blunt today & in the coming days. Your words will come from a grounded place & your will have a sense of purpose when speaking your truth!🌬✨🌊


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