Spider Symbology

This little spider decided to chill in the apothecary for a few🕷✨🕯

I was very caught off guard but I took it as a sign! When a spider appears to you it symbolizes fate & choices. How the web we create comes from both our light & shadow self. Some things are fated to happen regardless of the choices we make but it is important to remind ourselves to create a better life than we had before. Accepting our darker nature can only lead us to growth.💀

You don’t always have to think positively. You don’t always have to get jealous or possessive. You don’t have to think the best for people all the time. When you allow yourself to take a step back & ask that darker self why you feel those choices are right, you end up finding your truth & growing from it.🌿

I’ve spent the entire day wishing someone out of my life when the truth is that I’m hurt that they took the time out of their day to hurt me. Whether or not it was intentional didn’t matter to me. While I know the circumstances are difficult, I know that defense mode comes from my Scorpio side. We don’t got a stinger for nothing. But it’s important to make the right choices moving forward, even when you slip your not done growing.🦂✨🌊


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