Today’s Vibes – Stay Strong

Today’s vibes – 🦁✨🔥

I laughed SO hard when I pulled this card for ya today! The Strength card is the card of Leo & the moon is in Leo!🙏🏽😂🙌🏽

The message of today is clear! Treat yourself! Focus one YOURSELF! Move according to what vibes with you! Go to your happy place & just chill there! The Strength card comes in some readings & tells you to channel that strength inside & move from your place of strength! Today it tells you that you’re strong & there’s NOTHING wrong with that! You are powerful! Your are a witch! You are a goddess! You are a manifestation of your highest self! Bask in that abundance today! Stay strong 💪🏽 & chill! That’s what cats do 😉✨🦁


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