Full Moon in Cancer Energy Cleansing Hair Oil

New to the Etsy shop! For the Full moon in Cancer energy cleansing hair oil, I set the intention to heal & protect, bring in money, love & healthy relationships.✨❤️💸

The vibes of this oil are very strong as is lunar charged by the cardinal sign of Cancer. It comes crystal charged as well set with the intention for your greatest good!✨🧘🏽🕯

Herbs used -🌿

Hyssop – for protection

Jasmine – love, money & prophetic dreams

Oils used -🔮

Eucalyptus – Healing & protection

Bergamont – money

Ylang Ylang – Sex, love & healthy relationships

To use: after washing your hair, for the last step drop a few drops of the oil in your hands & as you rub the oil through the mid- to ends of your hair set the intention you want for the day. If you wash you hair ever few days set an intention for how many day you will be using the oil before you wash your hair again.


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