Leo Moon – Focus & Move

Morning guys 🌞 the moon 🌝 moved into Leo this morning adding a fun boost to our emotions🔥

Today would be a great day to get to work on something you’ve been meaning to do but put off because of the holidays.🌠

Want to get a new hair cut?💇🏽‍♀️

Want to start a project?🎼🎭

Want to plan out a vacation?✈️🏜

Want to expand your spiritual practice?✨🧘🏽‍♀️

This is a great day to make some moves on the things that bring you joy & those around you joy. With the sun in Capricorn & the moon in Leo, how we move towards what we want is with genuine passion! Don’t underplay your intuition or instincts now! Pay attention to your body as well! What does it need from you? This will keep you balanced with your intentions & the universe!💐✨🌞


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