Gemini Moon Vibes

Morning guys✨🙏🏽❄️

I will be using the rest of the day to catch up on some books I’ve been meaning to finish reading, prepare for the Full Moon 🌕 in Cancer oil & work on some spells! 📚🍃🔮

My moon is in Gemini so I always find that when the moon moves into Gemini my mind starts racing faster than usual. I definitely want to use this time to learn more & expand my mind! It’s so easy for us Gemini moons to go back & forth with negative thoughts!💭

If you find yourself analyzing everything, take time to slow down, pick up a book, watch a documentary, keep your mind busy! Negative thinking 🤔 can have a huge negative impact on your spells & intentions! It’s important to keep your energy balanced & use your mind to explore your energy! Why are you doubting yourself now? Be aware of your own chart & how the moon’s 🌙 transit affects you! 🌕


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