Energy Check In – Aries Moon

So I pulled a card for this moon in Aries 🔥 energy for what we should be focusing on. I pulled the Judgment card with the underlining being the Devil card. I resonated with this immediately because I’m a Capricorn & the Devil card is our tarot card. To me judgement is asking us to plan & plot our next steps.👣

The energy of Aries is very “GO!” Move, make it happen, do it now, act now. But with the sun ☀️ in Capricorn, it needs you to plan things out right now. Write down your goals for next year, or even just week to week. What do you want to see change in & why? Capricorn energy is all about personal growth but we take our time to plant our seeds, water & grow them!🌿

Focus on your personal growth because the judgement card is also representative of the Saturn in Capricorn energy! Check your foundations! Make sure you’re taking time to put things in order then fuel that Aries moon 🌙 energy towards those goals! Don’t act! Evaluate! What is your passion for the things you do?🔥🔥🔥


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