Weekend Tarot Pull – December 2 – 4 Mercury retrograde & Gemini Full Moon

This weekends vibes: 🙏🏽⚔️🌊

With the Gemini full moon 🌕 lighting up our thoughts 💭 we might feel like it’s time to be on our own (The Hanged Man). With Mercury retrograde coming in making us aware that what we see on the outside might not be what it actually is. We are feeling defensive (7 of Wands) & unsure or why there might be conflict or confusion in certain situations. There is an innocence about our emotions (Page of Cups) & our intentions are being judged not only by others but by yourself as well.👩🏽‍⚖️

It is important to remember that Mercury going in to retrograde is a time for reflection. It is a time to settle loose ends. We have been destroying things that haven’t been working all throughout Scorpio season 🦂 & Sagittarius season 🏹 is all about knowledge & understanding. Seek to understand yourself. 🙏🏽 But make sure you clean your cobwebs because they will be making themselves aware toyou. 👁


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