Morning Magic Oats Spell



Oats have been used for money & prosperity spells for years! I always add extra spices for an added magical boost.


Here’s my recipe:

Salt: purification, protection & healing

Cinnamon: Success, power, healing, love & protection

Clove: Protection, love & money

Allspice: Money, luck & healing


In a small sauce pan add salt to 3/4 of a cup of water. Add your spices with intention. I always add more cinnamon and just a dash of clove because clove can be really strong palette wise but season based on your preference.


Add 1 cup of oats in and stir in the water without heat. Once mixed well, turn on the heat & mix the oats until the water starts evaporating. Once it looks like there’s not too much water left add a cup of soy milk. (You can add whichever milk you prefer. I like to keep mine more Vegan but it’s up to you.


Stir with intention for about a minute until the oats & soymilk are a bit thick. Pour in a bowl  and enjoy!


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