Weekly Tarot Pull – October 22th – October 29th



First things first, happy Scorpio season everyone! I hope it is a blessed one, especially since Jupiter the planet of luck and abundance is going to be in Scorpio until next year.


This weeks cards are THE STAR, 3 of PENTACLES & THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS. This week, focus on  how you can help yourself. If you set an intention this past New moon, how can you help yourself ease into what you want or need. How much work are you putting towards your goals? Are you just waiting for it to come to you or are you setting yourself up for success?


Take time this week to focus on what you can do to get yourself where you want or need to be. Work towards your goal no matter what they are knowing that doors are open for you. THE STAR says everything is part of a greater design. Don’t downplay what you’ve done in the past or any hard work you put in. Verbalize and speak clearly. THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS can be aggressive at time so watch your tone this week and how you convey what you’re passionate about.


Have a great week everyone!


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