Soul Food



I went to the Chinos today get some food and I asked for two fortune cookies. What I got in return was an empty plastic container attached to just one cookie. I laughed because this would happen to me. It was until it was pointed out by one of my friends that it’s a sign, this cookie was the only message I “needed” she said. I laughed when I opened it because she was right.

The moon is currently in Scorpio. Usually, I am known to run away from this energy, an energy which I’ve always known as my own. I have really heavy Scorpio placements and for some reason anytime the moon is in Scorpio, I feel the weight of my emotions as they are. My moon is naturally in Gemini so feeling the weight of anything isn’t normal. Air sign moons naturally intellectualize their own emotions. Everything has a definition and a explanation with air sign moons. This is why it’s feeling the weight of anything doesn’t make sense.

I’ve been trying to embrace it more as it often comes about during the year, but it hasn’t been easy. How to intellectualize a weight of emotions?

The answer is a balance between the mind & the soul.


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