Weekly Tarot Pull – October 15th – 22th



I got this Spanish Rider Waite deck in Miami while I was on vacation in August. I went a week before the store and I was really lucky to enjoy the great weather before the storms. I picked this up in one of the spiritual shops in Coconut Grove and I love it.


So for this week the focus in on contemplation, intention and the moon. I’m not surprised to see El Colgado (The Hanged Man) because I feel like this is a time to decide what path we want to take with so that we can be assertive, Reina de Espadas (Queen of Swords), later. The queen in this reading definitely represents that Libra energy. This is a great week astrologically for relationships of all kind & balance. La Luna (The Moon) highlights that contemplation we’re going to be doing this week. It’s a very mental week with both water and air energy pushing us to focus on what we want, what we think is fair and how we are going to move towards it. Libra is a cardinal sign after all so this energy will push us to make moves with a clear head and true intentions.


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