Spring in NYC 


Current audiobook: Doctor Who: The Night Of The Humans 🎧🎶

Essentials: Sunglasses 😎

It’s been a good few months. Flighting to London was something that changed my perspective in a lot of things. It also shaped what I wanted to do. It’s like ever since I got back I know what path I want to take in life.

It’s a great feeling to know I have nothing holding me back here anymore. Nothing but things like money. Paying off my loan is on the top of my list of things to do. But I can see the end game and I can’t wait to get there. 

And I’m bringing Batman with me.


I really need to start writing my stories down. Lately I’ve gotten a lot of ideas and I haven’t written them down. But there’s one that got stuck today and I think I’m going to start writing it down.

Sometimes I get a good idea and instead of just writing I start outlining and then I end up stop not writing it at all. I don’t know why but it always happens. Hopefully I break that cycle and write this one down.

Until then I’ll be at the library.


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