Back to Earth

It takes a lot to inspire love to me. Maybe it’s because how easily people throw that word around today that it reduces the meaning. But I must say some people are truly magical in their ways. To the point that I start looking at things differently and loving differently. Jason Mraz is one of those people.


I made a super smart move of finally going to see him live. I came out of the show a but changed. Firstly, some people are great performers, actors, musicians ect. But I think Jason is a bit more than that. I already knew he’s amazing live because I have all his albums, including the live ones where he sounds incredible in. It think the magic of it all is that he’s honest with his music. And somehow I can feel love radiating from him as if he wouldn’t want anyone to forget that is real.

I forget a bit sometimes. Most of the time I feel like life is about money, time and bad news. But I get reminded about love right when I’m forgetting about it.

So thank you Mr. A-Z for reminding me about love, earth, the stars and the moon.


I’m going to start my journey on flickr again. I never really did get to finish my 365 project and I’ve been wanting to for sometime now.

If anyone wants to check it out here the link:

Since I’ll be posting everyday I’ll be on top of this blog too. It’s a win, win.

Until next time.


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