New Orleans: food, mystery & magic

Hi guys! It’s been a while I know! I have so many stories to tell you about my trip to New Orleans with my sister. We said good bye to New York City and went on an adventure!



The weather was amazing and it was a magical adventure through the French Quarter and beyond. I’ll start at the India Hostel. I actually really loved staying there we met a lot of really cool people and shared awesome stories.

Lazy cat
This little guy was hilarious. We always found him sleeping in funny positions or licking its fur coat.
Jet lagged face! 😛

We had a bunch of adventures. One of my favorites was the Cemetery tour. We got to see the tomb of the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau, some famous politician and the segregations between religions within the cemetery. It was really interesting to listen to all the stories about their history while walking in the hot sun. The cemetery was the most beautiful cemetery I’ve been too as far as architecture and visual appeal-ness goes.

According to our guide some people believe that Marie Laveau isn’t actually buried here. The believe there’s two other locations where she could be buried. However, our tour guide stated that she got a chance to look at the cemetery map while doing her research and that she is indeed buried right here in St. Louis Cemetery.
The second I was in there it reminded me of American Horror Story, they did a good job of capturing that New Orleans feel for their story.
Though I am not religious I did find this beautiful.
Some one left this in front of a grave and I thought it as interesting because its obvious its been through some New Orleans weather but it’s still there.
One of the tombs people believe to be Marie Laveau. The XXX’s according to our guide represent a wish. However they have nothing to do with Voodoo so it’s vandalism. Marie’s tomb is getting renovated to removed the XXX’s but the other graves that people believe to be hers or other Voodoo personas also have gotten marked.


Its really hard to pick a favorite thing from NOLA. The food I can say was delicious! French beignets, Alligator hot dogs and Po’ Boys!





I love how much the French Quarter reminds me of the Dominican Republic. Some of the buildings and structures are so similar. I think it’s one of the reasons why I always felt at home.




Bourbon St was always alive.










So even though we had some adventures in the main city we also would have some cool nights back at the India House Hostel.





We got to enjoy the water a few times before we left. It was great because we haven’t had a proper vacation in such a long time. The next day we got to go to the swamp tour which was too much fun!!!











We learned a lot about Alligators and their love of marshmallows based on their eye sight. I even got to feed a few too! We also learned a lot about Bayous and the people that live in the swamp as well. After the swamp tour we were taken back into the city and we spent a few hours eating around the city, from Napoleon House to Dat Dog. We also went into Hex the witchcraft store where I bought myself a pendulum after I asked it 2 questions and it was correct.

This actually freaked me out a bit because I tried to think that maybe there’s a trick to it or something. But I asked it yes or no questions and it was giving me the answers. It’s rather fascinating I don’t plan on going anywhere without it. It’s very responsive.

We also went back to Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo to buy some things we didn’t get to buy the first time around. So I got my Crescent moon necklace because it reminds me of Sailor Moon….even though its designated meaning is Attraction as part of the Wicca practices.


One of the cool things we also got to see was this Art of Dr. Seuss gallery.




The French Quarter has a lot of art galleries. I was really surprised to find this here. Our last tour was the Ghost tour!!! Our guide took us though some of the streets within the French Quarter that are haunted. This included some of the American Horror Story locations. It was fun to see how the show took creative license with some core New Orleans history. Madam Lalurie’s house which was very creepy.

I suggested that they should’ve turned this into a museum like American Horror Story did but apparently the last tour guide that was in the house mysteriously got pushed off the 3rd floor to the second. So for liability reasons the owner of the house doesn’t allow people to come in. He only visits 3 times a month according to our guide.


This was very creepy too. At the end of the tour we walked by the church for our last Ghost story and the statue of Jesus was making this shadow on the church and everyone freaked out a bit when we saw it! Talk about setting the mood!!!

Our last day we spent the morning in the pool and then I went back in the Quarter for my last Beignets. We chilled at the India House reading Tarot cards until our Airport Shuttle came to pick us up at 3:15pm. We said goodbye to New Orleans on the plane and we can’t wait to go back!




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