I keep dreaming of London even if I’ve never been there. Lost through alleys full of brick roads. What an adventure that would be. I wish I was born in a different era. It seems like it’s much harder now to do what you want because there’s more responsibilities. I just need a time machine, my camera and some food. I would’ve found my way about.

Now a day’s , I spend my time wondering why is so hard to live happily.

Capitalism is the answer to that question really. The psychological effects it has on people almost seems like a joke. I am jaded. I am annoyed. I still don’t care.

Yet somehow I’m supposed to even with how disconnected it is.

It so easy to feel out of place when everyone expects you to do the exact same thing. The worst part is that even if you’re stuck in a crappy job you have to do it. And if you’re “following you passion” or “your dreams” you’re lucky as hell.

But I dream about everything. I can picture getting on a place and just getting out of Gotham for a bit. Before I continue I will say this, I love this damn city. It’s the people here that makes it not worth while. And even in Gotham city I feel trapped like there’s no where to go. Mind you this is one of the safest cities in the country with countless alleys I could be running through.

But in the end I’m tired of the people, the smoke cloud I’m forced to breathe anytime I get anywhere near downtown Manhattan, the people who walk like turtles like everyone else has enough time to walk at the same pace and the way nothing get’s enjoyed anymore. Gotham city feels like a tourist trap. It’s beautiful, yes. But I just want to be the tourist again.

I want to go to Spain.

I want to eat AMAZING food.

I want to learn something new.

I need to.

I wish I could go to Egypt already.

What happened to not just wanting to be happy but needing to?

What happened to taking chances?

What happened to that magical feeling like at any moment anything could happen?

The way life is now, for me anyway, it’s designed to be completely routine. I have to be in certain places at certain times for whatever reasons.

I just don’t want to be there.

I hate being trained to be just like everyone else.

Freedom these days is sold in the form of retirement. But why can’t I be young and travel? So much time gets wasted in so many stupid things. In the end, they amount to nothing yet we still do them. I rarely get excited for anything anymore. People do things these days just to do it. We might as well rename the human race to depressed robots because in the end that is all we will amount to.

Yeah, I hear money doesn’t by happiness. I don’t need money to be happy. I just feel like I live on a planet at the end of the day. I live on a planet inside a galaxy surrounded by countless stars… and as small as that makes me feel, I want to enjoy this magical place.

Thinking about that just makes me feel better, even if tomorrow everything will stay the same.


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